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To comply with Australian Standards & Workcover requirements all fire equipment need to be serviced every six months

• Fire Extinguishers
• Fire Blankets
• Fire Hose Reels
• Exit & Emergency Lights
• Fire Doors
• Smoke Alarms (not to F.I.P.)

All fire extinguishers are required a Five (5) Year pressure testing and recharging under Australian Standards.
Macarthur Fire & Safety Protection can arrange to have any fire extinguisher pressure tested / recharged and delivered back to your work site.

Council Certification is a Certificate of Compliance
Final / Annual Fire Safety Statement of essential fire services
Usually this requirement is requested by local councils.

Our installations are done safely with minimum noise and disruption to your business.
After completion of work a Certificate of Inspection and a Tax Invoice will be given to you explaining what work has been carried out.
This ensures you to have a full understanding in what you have been invoiced for and there are no hidden charges.

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